The Royal Canal, Hill of Down
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Cherry Lane

When Jane Kelly’s parents refused to let her accept John Riley’s proposal of marriage in 1854 because he had no land, she left Ireland and started a long and treacherous journey with only a leg of lamb and a quilt, planning to have John follow her when she saved up enough money to pay for his passage.  She ended up in Brooklyn where she found a job and did just that. John arrived in 1856, and they married and started a family, a family whose trials and tribulations matched the ones she had left behind in County Meath at her home on Cherry Lane.

In 2013, on holiday, Nora, her husband Mark, and her sister Agnes traveled to County Meath in Ireland to see Nora and Agnes’s ancestral homestead there.  When they inadvertently uncovered a mystery so compelling that it brought them back to County Meath several more times, as well as to Brooklyn and to Boston, they learned that Jane and John’s story was deeply mysterious and more tragic than they ever could have imagined.

Cherry Lane is about a family in 19th Century Ireland who emigrates to the United States seeking freedom, survival, and love. The reader will be just as astonished as Nora and Agnes are in the 21st Century as they uncover the true heritage of their ancestors who had previously been only a grainy photograph with names on the back: Jane Kelly and John Riley. One thing is for sure, the DNA of family love, courage, endurance, and loyalty was carried forth across 159 years of time through pain and suffering as Nora and Agnes realize just how strong those who came before them were.